Energy supplies and sustainability continue to be burning issues across the EU. Some of the research-driven clusters focusing on woody biomass in six European regions have already been involved in joint research projects. To enhance this collaboration, the Rokwood project aims to support a new network set up between all six regional clusters. Its objectives include improving RTD, boosting market uptake and increasing investment in regional schemes for the production and utilisation of woody biomass.

Woody biomass includes any timber-derived product (soft or hardwood) capable of being converted to energy. Thus, it is a biological material and a renewable energy source. However, to make the production of woody biomass in Europe economically attractive, ecologically sustainable and technically feasible the existing barriers to its use must be overcome.


Funded by the EU’s FP7 Regions of Knowledge programme, the Rokwood project will create an overview of the main obstacles to the development of local biomass regions in Europe. In addition, it aims to generate ideas for tackling the technical barriers and to identify the financial resources needed for the research and technological development of innovative products and services.

Based on an analysis of the current state of play of the regional clusters, the Rokwood team will define a Joint Action Plan for transregional cluster consolidation. The project will also develop a strategy for international co-operation and the measures required for the implementation of both the strategy and the action plan.

Farmers in the participating regions will benefit from the international collaboration and joint research work being carried out in Rokwood. It will help them to overcome the present barriers to achieve the wider-scale implementation of cultivating fast-growing tree species as a source for woody biomass. The most important project results will be included in a set of information materials to enable its exploitation in other European regions.

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